On To Plan C

For the most part we have struck a pretty great balance here at Nana’s house.  We haven’t been so busy that the kids can’t catch their breath, but they haven’t been bored either.  The only area in which I have yet to strike a balance is with the Lord’s Day.

The first Sunday we were here I thought we’d be home early enough after evening service, and I knew she wasn’t going to be climbing or sliding or swinging before, during or after evening service, so I didn’t give the mackerdoodle her customary weekly Lord’s Day nap.  Well, everyone wanted to chat with us and it got late, then I got lost, then I had to turn back around again, then I had to pull the car over because it was just all too much on not enough sleep.

So this Sunday we had lunch with a great couple from my mom’s church after which we came back to Nana’s house and everyone got a nap.

We were home a little after 8.

The mackerdoodle was bouncing happily around Nana’s living room until 9.

Any suggestions for a plan c?  🙂


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One response to “On To Plan C

  • Pati Allen

    All I have to say is, that right when you get the schedules working the way you like it!…It’ll be time to come back=D
    Missing you guys! (ya’ll)

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