Five Things Nana Will Miss When We Go Home, and Five Things She Won’t

Well, we’re at the halfway mark in our stay here in Cahnah, and I know that my mom is remembering why people celebrate empty nests.  Here are some things she’s NOT going to miss when we leave:

  1. Diapers in the trash.  Enough said, I think.
  2. Stepping in any combination of banana, carrot, cheerios and baby biscuit after every meal.
  3. Books and toys all over the floor and Franklin on the TV
  4. Having plans for every day of the week.
  5. Having to work those plans around a ninth month old’s nap times.

But here are some things I suspect she may miss when we go:

  1. “Hey Nana!” every morning first thing.
  2. Playing “peek-a-boo” around the table leg with the cheesedoodle.
  3. The giggles when the children play together
  4. Afternoon reading time
  5. Twinkle little star the mackerdoodle remix

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One response to “Five Things Nana Will Miss When We Go Home, and Five Things She Won’t

  • Carole

    Some things left off the “Will Miss” list are..long talks in the sunroom with my beautiful daughter..same daughter often asking what she can do for me, each day…little mackerdoodle asking things like “can I get your slippers Nana?”…..all worth mashed banana on the floor any day

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