These Are the Times When a Girl Needs Her Mother

I’m staying with my mom for 25 days to help her out while my dad’s away.  Got that?  I’m here to help her.  Well, . . .

Thursday evening I reached for a tin at the very back of her very top shelf.  I could almost get it.  I thought, “Should I get the stool that is one step away?  Nah.  One good stretch should do it.”  That’s when I heard the POP from somewhere in the vicinity of my left shoulder-blade, and for a moment I couldn’t breathe.

The children were tired and wanting to settle for bed.  I had just put the kettle on and it was beginning to sing.  I actually said, “Oh great googly moogly” when I got my breath back, because I didn’t know what to do.

My mom stepped in.  She handled my kids.  She took the kettle off the stove.  She got warming rub for my back and made sure I was looked after.  She prayed.  I couldn’t have handled the evening without her, and on her way to bed she gave me pretty strict instructions about what I wasn’t going to be doing on Friday to let myself recover.

Right now it hurts to type, so there might be a slow down here at the blog for a day or two, but I thought you should know that my mom’s looking after me well while I’m here “helping” her out.

And the tin I was reaching for?  In a painful irony, it ended up being empty.

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2 responses to “These Are the Times When a Girl Needs Her Mother

  • Lauralee

    Oh no! Hot soak in Hot bath! Or ice pack?

  • Pati Allen

    Awww! Alternate ice packs and warm compresses… did my externship with a Chiropractic and he never got tired of telling the same thing to his patients: -hot and cold, rush blood flood to the area and keep swelling down- (He’ll be proud of me haha)

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