Home With Both Feet and I Can’t Find my Sandals

Well, it was a long day yesterday, but we’re home to warm, pollen covered, real life.  Flying into Atlanta was a reminder of what spring in the south means.  In some cities you descend through a brown layer of smog; in Atlanta we descended through a yellow/green layer of pine pollen.  My porch is covered in pollen, my driveway is covered in pollen, my shoes are now covered in pollen.  Ah, home in all it’s powdery green/yellow glory.

I have arrived home already behind.  While I was gone Jonathan found some potential tenants for our house.  Yeah.  So I have to get the house refinanced, packed and cleaned by June 1st.  That’s 54 days.  In addition to these slight chores, we are also installing carpet in the upstairs bedroom (so the four guys who are renting the place can use those two rooms), I have to unpack from my 25 days in Canada, and help my children get used to the absence of Nana’s benevolent presence.

Oh, and it’s warm here.  I have to find my sandals and fit into my capri pants.

No pressure though.


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4 responses to “Home With Both Feet and I Can’t Find my Sandals

  • Chrissy

    Welcome home! We missed you!

  • Marianne

    So wait … what’s going on… I’ve missed something. Where are you moving?

  • Pati Allen

    So that means seminary in July?/ August?…
    Oh my, we need to get together asap…sooooooooooo much to talk…and I only have 29 days to do so!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see you=D

  • Tera Montgomery

    I’ve been away from favorite blogs for a few days but I just wanted to say a potential CONGRATS on being able to rent the house and get to St. Louis & seminary!

    As Loran would say, that’s just one step closer to having a PCA church in Platteville WI!

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