Weekend Inquiry: Marriage Lengths

This week I mentioned to someone at Jonathan’s full time job that we were coming up to our fifteenth anniversary in May.  They responded with, “Fifteen?  Wow!  I’m in awe of you guys.”  I felt like responding with, “Really?  What a sad commentary on the relationships in your life,”  but I didn’t.  The fact is, when we’d been married five years I was pretty impressed with myself, but now that we’re almost at fifteen I realize how much I have to learn.

So at what anniversary would you tell a couple, “WOW!  Congratulations.  What’s your secret?”


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5 responses to “Weekend Inquiry: Marriage Lengths

  • julie

    that’s funny, it’s split right in half so far! Our fifteenth is this August, it doesn’t feel that long but I’m thankful it keeps getting better and better. AND Aaron won a trip from work so we’ll actually get to go somewhere for a whole week all by ourselves! God spoils me.

  • Kristi-Anna

    We just celebrated 12 years of marriage this past Sunday. 🙂 We had several friends get married within the same 12 month span. Sadly, only 2 remain married. How very incredibly sad. I’m with you Coralie, that when someone hears we are married this long, they often reply in the same ‘wow!!’ In this age, it is truly a thing of beauty to remain married.

  • Pati Allen

    It is indeed a beautiful thing to remain married, (in my case 13 years)but it’s even more beautiful to see God at work in our marriages!!
    I know for a fact that it was God alone, that held my marriage together that first year, despite the huge attempts on our part to destroy it… =}

  • Donna Long

    Coralie, we made it to 28 in February. Jason and I went to Micah John’s wedding tonight and he was saying we were the only couple he knew of his friends here that were happily married. He knew some that were miseribly married. That is a sad statement! I think we have made it a long time, but I want to make it a really long time…and happily thanks! We all have to keep close to God and guard the relationship with our husbands above all others…even above those precious gifts God blesses us with. I see some people at my stage of marriage suddenly wake up as empty nesters and not even know each other. That is sad too.

  • AJU5's Mom

    There is a recent widower who would have celebrated 60 years of marriage in June (she passed in January). To me that is just amazing! I voted 40 years because at that point most marriages tend to end with death. My husband and I will celebrate 8 years in August, and it seems crazy that it has been that long. It seems like yesterday we got married!

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