Facing Reality

Most evenings I sit down, my laptop on my lap, the children asleep and my best friend busily selling chicken, and I tell myself I’m going to write.  This time it isn’t going to be some chatty retelling of my day’s events.  I tell myself that I won’t mention diaper, or toys, or laundry or housework.  I’m really going to write something worth reading.

I end up posting about pickle buckets and spray paint.

I so desperately want to be a great writer.  I have a lot of ideas from a book on infertility to a science fiction story based on the book of Ruth and I pull them each out at least once a month with ambitious goals of writing pages and pages of brilliance before Jonathan gets home.  I can usually manage a couple of pages of mediocrity.

The reality of my life right now is that I am using the lion’s share of my brain power for things like calculating toddler bladder capacity and finding new ways to keep two children occupied around a house for twelve hours or so.  It’s not surprising that those same activities are the things on which my mind dwells.  From the abundance of the mind the blog posts, therefore my blog tends to be about . . . well, pickle buckets.

At some point, I will find my life has shifted again, and in that time I wonder if I’ll have enough brain left to become that great writer I have always wanted to be.  In the mean time, you’re welcome to continue with me on this journey through middle aged mother hood.


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10 responses to “Facing Reality

  • Tera

    I think you are a great writer no matter what the subject is (for what it’s worth).
    Keep writing cuz I’ll always read!
    BTW I did this from my Wii on my TV! 🙂

  • Lauralee

    Ya, I can relate to the loss of brain power for things not pertaining to children . I do like to read, but I don’t get to read any fiction anymore. Mostly I read how-to books. How to school, how to cook, how to organize or keep kids healthy, how to get your bible reading in. Sigh. But really I wouldn’t have it any other way:) And one day I will have hours and hours to myself and I’ll be so bored with all things that I can “finally” do. I know I will long for the way it was, with all the children at my feet, in my arms, and at my table:)

  • Mitch

    Sci-fi Ruth?!
    I’m interested.

  • Roberta

    Cor, have you read Anne Lamott’s ‘Bird by Bird’. Write a shitty first draft. Just do it. Bird by bird. One at a time. It’s a great read- best writing book I’ve read (although Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ was pretty enjoyable, just less practical, and I don’t even read Stephen King). Anyhow, a how-to book won’t change your reality, but it may encourage you. Hugs, and keep writing!

  • Loran

    I read once that the way to write a great song lyric is to write a lot of crappy ones.

    Having said that, I love reading your blog because you’re one of the best writers I know.

  • a suburban housewife

    Good writers write about what they know. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn just wouldn’t pack the same punch if Jane Austen had written it…..kwim?

  • a suburban housewife

    Sorry- didn’t finish!! Meaning, you know your kiddos, and that’s what makes your writing so interesting 🙂

  • Lance Hamblin

    If I can add my two cents worth it would be just keep writing. Think about “Marley & Me”. Consider this period of your life as research for a future best seller.

  • Lance Hamblin

    PS. I really enjoy your writing.

  • Wendy Robinson

    Dearest Coralie

    You are already there, now, in the present. Don’t judge yourself harshly. You have a unique perspective on life and are very
    good at both examining and explaining your thoughts. You have a fantastic sense of humour that shines through many of your blogs yet have a way of self-examining that shows up many of us. Just keep writing and maybe one day you will have time to pen those novels that you have dreamed about. But what you write now, has value and is valuable to many of your faithful readers. Be encouraged by what you have accomplished and chase away the doubts.
    Love Auntie Wendy

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