Let Me ‘Splain. No. There is Too Much. Let Me Sum Up.

While I am tempted to continue this post in the same style as the rest of that quote: “Humperdink marry Buttercup in little less than half an hour. . . “,  I will spare you.  I am, however, going to try to bring everyone up to speed on the about to be run away train that is my life.

First: does everyone remember that a year ago we thought we were going to move to St. Louis, and Jonathan was going to go to seminary?  Our house didn’t sell, we didn’t move.  Our house still hasn’t sold and now you’re up to date.

Just before I left for my 25 days with my mother we had a phone call from a loan officer with whom we had done some business in the past.  He knew he could lower our rate and thereby lower our monthly payment significantly.  With a lower payment renting the house out suddenly became an option, and we began to see a dim light at the end of our tunnel.  Some guys with whom Jonathan works had been asking vaguely about the possibility of renting the place, so while I was in Canada Jonathan managed to secure a commitment from them to lease the house for a year, providing we could secure housing in St. Louis.

On Tuesday, April 20 we sent our deposit and lease agreement to the Seminary.  It was in the same apartment complex we had to pass up last June.

The plan is for Jonathan to do a class lovingly called “suicide Greek” beginning June 7th.  It is a super intensive eight week Greek class that will take his 4 year degree to 3 1/2.  If he can do more summer classes in the next two summers, we won’t have lost this year we felt like we were losing.  If you know what I mean.

Jonathan’s boss at his free standing unit has promised him to do all he can to secure Jonathan a position at a Chick-Fil-A in St. Louis.  His words to Jonathan:  “I’m going to tell them they’d be a fool not to hire you.”  I pray blessing on that man for all he has done for us.  And I’ve never met him.

So, with all that good news first, here are the things we’re still praying for:

  1. we’ve made a lot of plans based on our house refinance, so it would be good if that happened easily and quickly.
  2. before Jonathan can register for classes, he and I need to be covered with some sort of health insurance.  We’re looking at our options right now.
  3. it really would be much easier if we could sell the house.  Even though it’s a long shot, I’m still praying that the Lord will sell the house at the last minute (to someone who just wants to rent it out.  I’d hate to turn out the guys who’ve leased the place.)
  4. Last year Jonathan qualified for a 50% scholarship.  We don’t know what his financial aid looks like this year.  We would really love to see at least that for this year.
  5. The apartment we’ve reserved is available July 10.  “Suicide Greek” begins June 7th.  We will need somewhere to live for a month.  We’re exploring a sublease from another student, but we’ll need to have that all nailed down before we can leave here.

So that’s it in a nut shell.  If only I had a holocaust cloak and wagon.


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5 responses to “Let Me ‘Splain. No. There is Too Much. Let Me Sum Up.

  • Becky

    Yipeee!!!!! So excited you’ll be here and JUST up the road! I hurt for my friend Jawan’s loss – but am excited to have conversations in person. We’ll keep praying about the house.

  • Jawan

    yeah, I’m gonna miss you.

  • Lollie

    Trust in the Lord, He will direct you and lead you and take you were He wants you to go. I know though that it is especially hard not to ‘know’ thing for sure when you have little ones. Praying for you:)

  • Tera Montgomery

    I love that I can hear Inigo in my head when I read the words 🙂

    We will be praying for everything to go SMOOTHLY for you…I can see a trip to St. Louis in the future of my family!

  • Kristi-Anna

    That’s fantastic summarizing!! 🙂 Are you getting Jeff and Katie’s apartment/house/living quarters [. . . ]? Jeff is done this year, and they are moving to Edmonton soon… like, soon. Maybe May?

    Anyway, prayers that your house sells, but if God wills, the tenents be trustworthy and CLEAN!! 🙂

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