Sometimes You Have to Go to the Experts

We’ve known Rob and Mimi since mid 2004 and for most of the years we’ve known them they have had or managed rental property.  So the real question I asked myself on Friday night as they were leaving after a great evening was “Why didn’t we call them sooner?”

It would appear that Rob has worked out a new plan, a better plan, an out of the box win-win plan that had never crossed our minds.  It’s all subject to the potential tenants agreeing to this new plan, of course, but I really think they will.  It’s the sort of thing that may never have come up if we hadn’t been turned down for our refinancing.

So I’m praising the Lord for guidance, and for having a plan, and for sending us experts disguised as good friends who brought us good news and guidance over roast beef and strawberry shortcake.

Now, are any of you experts in moving/storage/moving again?  That’s my next hurdle.


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