Of Books, Boxes and (more) Pickle Buckets

Well, the count down to the move has begun and that means packing.  I tell myself every time I’ve done this (this will be our tenth in fifteen years of marriage) that this time I’m going to do it well.  This time I’m not going to end up with a box labeled “miscellaneous stuff”.  This time I won’t be packing my kitchen while the men are loading the furniture into the truck.  This time . . .

In the last move I knew enough (barely) not to have high hopes.  I was nine months pregnant with the mackerdoodle (three days *after* her due date, in fact) and couldn’t pack an entire box at one time because of my whale like size.  I thought to myself, “Well, this time is different.”

So turns out, moving with children is also different.

The first thing I always pack is books.  They are non-essential (and yet completely essential), they pack well, and it looks like I’m making progress, which is basically my goal at this point.  At least it usually looks like I’m making progress.  Yesterday I packed the same box of books THREE TIMES because the cheesedoodle was taking them out as quickly as I was putting them in, and the mackerdoodle was replacing them with other things – like picture frames and her brother’s socks.  (“Look mama.  I helpin’!”)

So I have grand plans.  This time I’m going to do it well.  This time I’m packing my dishes in pickle buckets because they won’t get crushed.  This time I’m going to know what is in every box, and label it by room.  This time . . .

. .  . this time I have kids.  All bets are off.


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3 responses to “Of Books, Boxes and (more) Pickle Buckets

  • Tera Montgomery

    Yay for the kids 🙂

    I like to pack the books first too! They actually aren’t unpacked yet because of the desire for built-in bookshelves. Don’t know about that. The funny thing was that I thought I lost some things because of those boxes of books. When the box would get heavy I would think, I’ll just put this light thing in there from here or maybe this stuffed animal or this toy or this towel. I was finding things for months that I had randomly packed 🙂

    It took me 3 months to pack…and I ended up with boxes that I just couldn’t see putting on the moving truck because of the “what ifs” that I could barely fit in our two vehicles (with 2 dogs and 3 kids and a cat and a hamster along for the ride). They toppled out every time we opened the back of the van.

    I was never so glad to get to an empty house!

    I am SO praying for you through this move with your babies!

  • Becky

    Some friends need to have your kids over to help you out! (Jawan) When last we moved I, seriously, pawned off my kiddos every day for a week so I could get real work done. Children literally change everything!

  • Elizabeth

    It was just me and three days of nothing to do but pack, and I was still disorganized. I was missing the days when everything I owned fit in my car. But I’m impressed you’ve been through 10 moves.

    Did you work out a sublease?

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