Five Things I Never Thought I’d Say:

  1. I wish I ground my own wheat.  I don’ t have a mill, and I’m certainly not in the market to be buying anything more than an M. Div. for the next few years, but I hate buying whole wheat flour.  I wish I ground my own.
  2. I’m enjoying twitter.  Neal Boortz didn’t get me into twitter.  Not even Karl Rove got me into twitter.  Wil Wheaton got me hooked.  How weird is that?
  3. I’m about to demote laundry from my least favorite chore space.  We rented an apartment without a dishwasher.  I think I hate dishes more.
  4. I wish I lived in a trailer.  We wouldn’t have had to worry about selling it, and I wouldn’t have to pack.  We’d just stick the towels in with the dishes, tape all the cupboards shut, and take it with us.  The down side?  I’d live in a trailer.
  5. I was disappointed to see that the average summer temperatures, and humidity (and pollen count), are the same in St. Louis as here.  I guess I was looking forward to a cooler summer without knowing it.

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2 responses to “Five Things I Never Thought I’d Say:

  • Angela Stewart

    I think Wil Wheaton is my favorite of the Tweeters that I follow. I love when he does his doggie scripts. If you like Wil, I’d recommend investigating Jonathan Coulton. 😀 I also get a kick out of Conan O’Brien’s Twitter feed. And Nathan Fillion is occasionally entertaining as well.

    I don’t actually tweet. I just eavesdrop on the feeds of famous people whom I find amusing. 😉

  • Becky

    I thought the SAME thing about the weather – we WERE moving NORTH afterall! It’s hotter here than Birmingham and muggier. I remember thinking, “I want my money back.”

    The free zoo is supposed to make up for it.
    You are going to LOVE it here!

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