Safety? You Tell Me.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to read this post:

2 is  the new 1: rear facing car seats until at least age 2

and tell me what you think.  I will then post on my thoughts.  Let the discussion begin.


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5 responses to “Safety? You Tell Me.

  • a suburban housewife

    The cynical side of me wants to say that someone’s getting a kickback, but since I don’t have any children to whom this article applies, I’m not really sure. What I DO know is that with the 8 AND 80 lbs. booster seat recommendation Sophia is sure to be going to the prom in her booster seat!

  • AJU5's Mom

    I wish they would do research on size more than age. And then they should mix in muscle tone/strength to see if that makes a difference. We have friends with a 20 M old who is bigger in all directions than our 30M old. So, by this recommendation he should be rear-facing, but my daughter doesn’t need to be.
    Another thing I wish they would study is how it affects the front seat passenger. In the car I used to have, we had to move the passenger seat up quite far to fit in the infant carrier in. I know studies have shown that the farther back you sit from air bags the safer you are – and having a rear-facing seat almost always necessitates sitting closer.

    We moved AJU5 forward facing at 15 months. We decided the distractions she caused with her screaming were more dangerous than her facing forward. We will probably switch AJU6 whenever he no longer can “take” being rear facing.

  • Tera Montgomery

    The research is certainly compelling. I will admit that I was quick to turn Lillian around so she could face the front so when she hit 20 pounds we turned her around, even though she lost weight and was less than 20 pounds for another 2 months. I liked the idea of being able to interact with her more.
    When Ankica was 15 months we were in an accident and I was very worried that she may have hit the seat in front of her because the seats “failed” and reclined back. She is obviously fine now but we had an x-ray done and I am sure we would not have been as worried if she had been rear-facing.
    For now (and maybe forever) I don’t have to deal with this issue but thinking truthfully about past experience, I would probably keep a future child (or encourage others to) keep their child rear-facing for longer.
    Thanks for making me think Coralie 🙂

  • Corinna Groom

    Well, I guess not having a baby anymore makes me slightly unqualified to answer this. However I am a mom to four children and still have two car/booster seats in my vehicle. I agree that whatever is safest is best but has anyone ever considered that many babies feet extend well beyond the carseat long before the age of two. What is the impact on their little legs when they are slammed into the seat upon a collision. When my little person has to bend or cross their legs to fit rear facing it seems to be a little dangerous at best. I think it should relate more to height and weight than to age. My daughter Naomi still weighed under 15 pounds at a year but some of my other children were closer to 22 pounds. There can be a vast difference. Just a thought.

  • melissa

    Good Grief. I like the quote from a Canadian doctor last year regarding the newest pregnant woman health craze, “Remember, scaring pregnant women is a national pass-time.” The same applies to parents of small children.

    Studies like these are a dime a dozen – I agree with Suburban Housewife. Cynical or no, with the paranoia that drives our legislation (both sides of the border) if it were as sure and as simple as that, the legislation would follow. It probably will anyway, what with everyone and their aunt “shouting it from the roof tops” on the basis of a “mommy” article.

    How’s that for jaded?

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