The Dilemma of Packing

As I pack books, I’m dividing them into four sets:  1) theology and bible books for Jonathan’s study area, 2) must have books for the living room, 3) books that I’d like to keep, but don’t need to have on hand and 4) “why do I even own this?”  Admittedly that last group is pretty small.

The real dilemma is coming in the division between 2 and 3.  I mean, there’s more here than just what books I want to have on hand.  There’s a reputation to consider.  For instance, do I want to fly my geek flag and put Stargate SG-1: The Ultimate Visual Guide and STAR TREK: Star Fleet Technical Manual on my living room shelves, or should I fill the shelves with things like For the Children’s Sake and The Improvement of the Mind?  Or, I could just be realistic and put my entire Terry Pratchett Collection on the top shelves and fill the rest with children’s books.  What impression do I want to want to give to potential future friends entering my home for the first time?

These are the things that wander about my mind as I pack, and the sorts of things I type as I’m trying to avoid packing.  Sigh.  Back to the boxes, before the cheesedoodle wakes up and undoes everything I’ve done.


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