Weekend Inquiry: Childhood Independence


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3 responses to “Weekend Inquiry: Childhood Independence

  • AJU5's Mom

    I am not sure how to answer this one. For me, it really depends on what is outside. I let AJU5 stay outside while I run in to check on her brother or dinner, but we have an enclosed backyard, and I can always see her and hear her when I am inside (at the age of 2). But, we also don’t have playground equipment that she can climb, so the only way she would hurt herself is if she tripped. Once we get the playset, I won’t let her out by herself I bet for a while. I definitely won’t let her play outside in the front (un-enclosed) until she is probably 9 or 10…

  • Sandi

    We let our older children play outside alone a LOT younger than we did Jaxon. I’m sure Riley did the summer he was two and Brooklyn even younger than that. We lived in town then and our yard was very private (nobody except our neightbours on either side could see they were there) and fenced with gate latches they couldn’t reach. Our house had tonnes of windows facing the back yard so I could pretty much see them from anywhere. But then just before Jaxon turned two we moved out to a wide open acreage. I couldn’t trust him alone for a second! The road and the forest were way too close. That summer there was wheat planted in the fields close to our yard and it grew to just his height with the ripened wheat the exact color of his hair. We would have had a really hard time finding him if he wandered into the field. Our older two were excellent with him though, so if they were out there with him I could leave them for a bit. So basically, I think it depends on your outdoor environment!

  • Kristi-Anna

    Sophia is 5 now, but we have let them play outside, and *gasp* even ON the road for quite a while now! When JA was just little, we went out with her, although our yard was fenced in the front, the gate never latched, and there was no way to prevent her from going to the backyard, which had a steep drop off to the park below. However, now at 5, 7 and 9, they are outside alone EVERY DAY, sometimes for HOURS 🙂 Seriously. Hours. They ride their bikes up and down our street, b/c it’s a dead end, a short dead end. They go out to play on their own b/c I *can* trust them to listen to me, and in the few years they have been doing it… I have yet to have lost trust for any reason – them or outsiders. I just read a book called “Free Range Kids” and I think I agree with a LOT of what she wrote. It’s by Lenore Skenazy if you want to read it… it’s a fast read, and worth the time 🙂

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