The Lord Provides Once Again

For two weeks Jonathan’s boss has been promising to contact the Chick-Fil-A operators in St. Louis and tell them, in his words, that they’d be crazy not to hire my husband.  For two weeks it hasn’t happened, because Jonathan works nights, which essentially means out of sight, so out of mind.  I mean when a man has cars wrapped two deep completely around his restaurant, he’s not thinking, “Oh, yeah, I should be helping my night manager find a new job for when he leaves me.”

Regardless, he asked Jonathan to leave him a note to jog his memory, and when he found that note first thing this morning, he sat down and sent out an email first thing this morning.  Before lunch Jonathan got two simultaneous phone calls. (isn’t technology grand?)  The first was from the owner of a free standing Chick-Fil-A in St. Louis who is getting ready to open another free standing unit in August.  By the end of the conversation, Jonathan had an interview set up for June 3rd, the day after we arrive in St. Louis.

We don’t know where he’ll find a place.  He may end up in the mall unit, only ten minutes from our apartment.  He may be at the existing free standing unit, which does almost twice the business that his current restaurant.  He could end up at one of those places temporarily and then at the new location in August.

We don’t know what the Lord has planned.  We do, however, know that he won’t end up in a situation like the “hopsilater” because none of the locations are licensees.  We also know that the Lord has gone before us, has written our stay in St. Louis before He laid the foundations of the earth and has done so for His glory and our sanctification.

Today we’re praising the Lord for once more providing our daily bread.


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2 responses to “The Lord Provides Once Again

  • Jawan

    This news is so encouraging….it’s good to belong to a Father who ordains our steps.

    As each day comes to an end, I know that my time with you is shorter than the hour before. I can’t fight the Lord on this but I think I could manage a windy ride on the roof of your KIA to STL. What say you?

  • Becky

    The main point is not lost on me – I promise. Still, I really want to know where the new free standing restaurant will be. . .

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