What. Did. I. Do?

Ok.  File this under “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

The cheesedoodle’s hair is really long.  After his bath it looks like this:

Now I occasionally trim up the mackerdoodle’s ‘do, because it’s pretty much a straight line across the bangs and another across the length.  Even that I don’t do well, so I was less than excited about the idea of trimming up my son’s hair.  Boy hair is hard!  And my son grabs everything that enters his personal bubble.  I don’t want to wave scissors near those lightning quick fingers.

But I do Jonathan’s hair with clippers.  That’s easier, right?

Now, Jonathan uses a #3 guard.  The cheesedoodle’s head is smaller, so he needs a smaller guard, right?  Maybe a #1.

OH NO!  What have I done?

The mackerdoodle took one look at her brother, then covered her head with her arms and said, “I not need a haircut!”

You know all my friends said things like: “my son just had his first haircut and now he looks like a big boy.”  Well, I sort of went backwards on that one.  Oh well.  It’s just hair.  It will grow back.  Right?


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7 responses to “What. Did. I. Do?

  • AJU5's Mom

    I think he is cute either way! He just has such light hair that when you cut it not much is left…

  • Terri

    Eh, it’s just hair it’ll grow. Besides I like the almost bald look on a baby boy. 🙂 He’s cute no matter how you cut it. (Pun intended.)

  • Jawan

    The Cowans have had some hair drama over the past week, yeah?

  • Sandi

    I’m with your daughter – if a hair cut catastrophe had to happen to one of your children, much better to be the boy! And you can just tell everyone you did it on purpose… what little boy doesn’t want a buzz cut for the summer? It’s hot in Georgia, right?

  • Tera Montgomery

    He looks cute! 🙂

  • Kristi-Anna

    He does look cute 🙂 And just an aside, the guard number has nothing to do with the size of a person’s head, but the length of hair left on the head 😀 1 is the closest ‘shave’ as you are now well aware… while the higher the number, the longer the hair. We use clippers here every 6 weeks or so… 😀

    • Coralie

      yes. I know the guard size is the length of the cut. I clip Jonathan’s hair every six weeks or so. I just had a brain fart.

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