Just Because It’s Sappy and Sentimental Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t True

I tend to not be one of those sentimental women.  I think “The Christmas Shoes” is a song about a con artist.  I snorted when Renee Zellwegger told Tom Cruise he had her at hello.  In the movie Deep Impact, I cheered for the tidal wave.  I think you get the picture, which should illustrate to gravity of the following thoughts I’ve been having lately.

I sat in the mackerdoodle’s (mostly empty) bedroom tonight reading her a story and actually thought: “If these walls could talk!”  Sure, this is the home in which we have lived the longest (at three years, that’s not such a stellar record) but that’s not what turned my thoughts to sophomoric prose.  This is the home to which I have brought home both of my babies.  Here I learned the delight of motherhood and spent a year as a stay-at-home mom.  There is a whole different layer of memories in this house than in any of the eight others.

So this move is a little more sentimental to me than the others.  It makes me think in clichés and while that may be a little out of character, it doesn’t make it any less true.


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3 responses to “Just Because It’s Sappy and Sentimental Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t True

  • Carole

    I think you are more sentimental than you realise…sappy ? never !!
    love from your sappy and sentimental mother

  • Lollie

    Children have away of doing that to us. Especially our own little treasures. Take lots of pictures! My kids still ask about the homes they were born in (well brought home to I don’t birth at home), too funny!

  • AJU5's Mom

    I bet it is hard to move from a place where you have so many memories. We are in our second home, but we purchased it 4 weeks before AJU5 was born. It isn’t the home we brought her home from the hospital to, but because we spent quite a bit of time here, I am not “attached” to the old home.

    Hopefully your new “home” will be just as special to you!

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