Didja Miss Me?

Well, I’m no longer a resident of Georgia.  It’s a little odd to realize that.  I’m sitting in an apartment in a different state, surrounded by someone else’s things with all of my own things in storage in the same basement.  It’s a little overwhelming.

The move was . . . well, in four years I’ll have another shot at not having “miscellaneous stuff” boxes.

There’s a lot to write, and I’ll get to it, I promise; but right now I’m tired and lacking in inspiration.

And I don’t know where my pajamas are.  I last saw them in Georgia.


7 thoughts on “Didja Miss Me?

  1. The first night is always melancholy – but the next morning always feels better! Glad to hear you are in safe – love you!

  2. praying for you guys…and for babies and little girls to have easy adjustments….love ya

  3. The Lindberg’s things are still there?????
    So glad you made it. Just got your cell number from Jawan and hope to see or talk to you tomorrow. Welcome to our city. It takes some getting used to, but it seems folks grow to love it.

  4. Hi Coralie

    In answer to your question. I sure did miss you. I checked everyday, sometimes twice a day to see how you, Jonathan and children were progressing with the move. I don’t know what I expected? Pictures of tired children crying or wait, maybe tired parents frustrated and crying or maybe a cryfest from all four of you. I’m just kidding… Moving is not fun, for anyone, especially when youngsters are involved.
    So glad you made it to your new home intact (hopefully all of your possessions are intact as well). You are an old hand at moving and settling in so I’m sure all will go well.
    I enjoyed reading where you chose to pack the books first. A woman after my own heart!
    Anyway honey kiss and hug your beautiful children for me.
    Give my best to Jonathan. And Happy Unpacking!
    Love Auntie Wendy

  5. We understand..we empathise, and were pleased to have a part in St Louis move part 1…

  6. 5 years ago exactly we were in your same situation. The strain of the unsettled will last for a while, but you will begin meeting everyone and feeling semi-at-home soon.

    Welcome to St. Louis!

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