My Quaint “Wee Wassee”

For a year or so my mackerdoodle has had a “one size fits all” approach to naming her dolls.  Every doll is named “wee wassee.”  Sometimes it’s said in a slow drawl, and other times it is said quickly and repeatedly with a stirring hand motion, but the name remains the same.  I’ve always thought it was cute, and I assumed one day the dolls would be named something else and “wee wassee” would disappear.  This week we were chatting together and I asked her, really just to fill up the conversation, “What does wee wassee mean, baby girl?”

She gave me the same look someone gives a  foreigner who asks an obvious question, and said, sort of slowly, “You know, mama.  It mean little . . . ” she held up her fingers, pinched in the universal sign of “small” and then said it again, “little, mama.  Little girl.  You know.  Wee.  Wassee.”

I was dumbfounded.

“Do you mean ‘wee lassie’?” I asked.

She nodded slowly at her dimwitted mother and held her pinched fingers up again.  “Yeah.  Wee.  Wassie.”

That’s right.  All of my daughter’s dolls are named wee lassie.  She’s quite the kid, that mackerdoodle of mine.


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4 responses to “My Quaint “Wee Wassee”

  • Kim Crist

    LOL. My mom would sympathize, she spent all our childhood years trying to get us girls to name our dolls something other than “big girl” and “little girl” and “baby”. Conversations would go something like,”And so then big girl told little girl,”Yes, we can all eat the ice cream as soon as big boy finishes flying his kite…but what about little boy? What will he do?” And Mom would listen to this in frustration, as she suggested,”What about Sue? How about Mary? Call them ANYTHING, just NOT little girl and big girl…” So maybe we were little originalists. Or, totally lacking in imagination. 🙂

  • melissa

    She’s mourning her lost Scottish heritage. Next she’ll be feeding all those “wee wassie”‘s lamb entrails mixed with spices packed in an intestine.

    Good thing you are Presbyterian.

  • Carole

    hey!!!! her Scottish heritage is not lost..her great grandpa was still born in Scotland.

  • Terri

    Victor is a year? Already? Wasn’t he born just yesterday? Happy birthday to him!

    I love Moriah’s name for her baby dolls. Bethany has named almost all her stuffed animals Junior. She realizes that Junior is not a suitable name for dolls so she has been forced to come up with actual names for them. I somewhat surprised she didn’t name them something like Juniorette.

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