Weekend Inquiry: What’s on your shopping list?

St. Louis is the Baskin Robbins of the PCA – there’s something in every flavor.  Even in this modern era of websites and facebook pages, there are certain things that can only be learned in person, so we are finding ourselves “shopping” for a church home.  It made me wonder:


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2 responses to “Weekend Inquiry: What’s on your shopping list?

  • melissa

    ooh, ooh, what’s the “other”, what’s the “other”?

  • Kristi-Anna

    Melissa… LOL! I voted “Other” simply b/c I could simply not choose just one answer. We have yet had the opportunity to ‘church shop’ altho it may become clear in the next 2 years that we may be forced to.
    My answer of other is because several of those things Coralie mentioned are incredibly important to us – church doctrine of course, is of ultimate importance, but without a good program for our children, or the warmth of the congregation, it simply is not enough to hold my entire family there. Yet, if the programs are good, the music is good, the congregation is welcoming and friendly, but the doctrine is less then stellar, well, that’s not going to hold us either!
    Success to you J & C on finding a new church home! 🙂

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