A Conversation With my Mackerdoodle

mackerdoodle:  We’re not scared of birds, right mama?

Me: No, birds can’t hurt us.

mackerdoodle:  I like penguin birds.  The look like they can fly, but they can’t.  And they have beaks, like this.  (making a beak with her hands in front of her mouth.)

Me:  that’s right

mackerdoodle: but I’m scared of pelicans.

me:  Pelicans?  You’re scared of pelicans?

mackerdoodle:  yeah.


mackerdoodle:  Mama?

me:  Yes, baby girl.

mackerdoodle:  What a pelican look like?


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2 responses to “A Conversation With my Mackerdoodle

  • Kristi-Anna

    I would have to vehemetly disagree with you… birds are terrifying creatures!! 😉 I have no particular reason pin pointed for this, but I am beyond terrified of birds… paralyzingly so… like a bird comes in the house shrieking and peeing your pants terrified. It’s not good. Thankfully, my children just acknowledge my fear, make fun of me every now and then, and go on their merry ways – holding falcons, and chatting up the neighbourhood birds 😀

  • AJU5's Mom

    Poor pelicans have a bad rap!

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