Weekend Inquiry: Would You Ever Get a Tattoo?

Just curious.


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3 responses to “Weekend Inquiry: Would You Ever Get a Tattoo?

  • Kristi-Anna

    I want to get a small discreet tatoo, somewhere, just not sure what or where yet! LOL!

  • Pati Allen

    I like certain tattoos and always wanted one but I think that is hard to be a girly girl and have one. =D

  • HollyElise

    I have three tattoos.

    My first is also my largest – it is on the back of my neck and is three lines of text.
    be strong
    and courageous
    joshua 1:9
    Centered, and in a nice italic script. The verse has a lot of meaning to me, it has been “my” Bible verse since I was 7 years old. So when I was 18, I had it tattooed on me.

    My second is smaller – it is behind my left ear and is a daisy flower.
    I designed and drew the flower myself.
    The flower has 8 petals, that symbolize my 8 siblings.

    My third tattoo is about nickel-sized, and is on my right wrist, the location is best described as at the base of my thumb.
    It is a Canadian Maple Leaf, in a shade of red that makes the tattoo almost look like a birthmark.
    I got the leaf because I am a Canadian, but I live in the United States. I wear my patriotism on my sleeve, literally!

    I have kept my tattooes small and feminine, and the larger ones are easily hidden if need be.
    I love my tats.

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