Will You Pray With Us Now?

The family who will be our neighbors for the next three years, have a beautiful little 11 month old girl.  Little E had very bad acid reflux as a newborn and infant, and it has caused her to associate eating with pain.  So she doesn’t, much.  At first she just wasn’t gaining weight.  Then she was losing it.  She’s being fed with a tube down her nose and into her stomach, but that is irritating her nose, and her skin and it’s still not getting enough nutrients into her body.  They are concerned that the lack of nutrients and hydration will begin to arrest her development and lead to very serious health problems for the rest of her life.

Her doctors want to install a feeding tube directly to little E’s stomach on Friday.

As soon as I hit publish, I will be going to a prayer time with some of the seminary wives for this family and I’m asking all of you who are in Christ, to join those of us here in this neighborhood as we pray for E right now.  Please pray that the Lord will heal her.  Please pray for her mother, who is six months pregnant with E’s little sister.  Please pray for E’s little sister, that she will be spared this health struggle, and please pray for her daddy who, in the midst of this, is trying to do Summer Hebrew.


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