Cute? You can’t handle the cute!

My kids are pretty cute and I have been remiss in mentioning it lately.  So here is all the cuteness in photos and stories you can handle.

Where's the cheesedoodle?

Where is he?

There he is!


When the mackerdoodle sat down beside me to watch her special video message from her dear Georgia friend, she asked to watch it twice and then looked at me, put her hand on my arm and said, “Oh.  mama.  She getting so big.”


It doesn’t matter how I put the hat on his head, it ends up on this hip hop angle.


Our friends Rob and Sherri bought us a GPS unit with audible turn by turn directions.  When someone, oh for instance turns right when the voice very clearly says “Turn left here” the voice gets a little annoyed and says “Recalculating” in this clipped British way.  One afternoon we were heading to Aldi, which I had visited without Jonathan, and I was giving him directions in my best “Garmin” voice.  After telling him to “turn right here” the mackerdoodle, in her best clipped British accent, says, “Recalculating.”


The mackerdoodle asked a few days ago if we could move back to Georgia, because she wanted her real bed back.  When I told her we couldn’t do that she asked if Abigail and her mama and daddy could come “and we could live here together.”




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