Weekend Inquiry: Celebrating?

You can pick as many as you want, and if you pick other, just leave the space blank and put your “other” in the comments section.


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2 responses to “Weekend Inquiry: Celebrating?

  • Roberta

    You should make these so we can see the results- kinda sad voting on a poll that just send the results into the aether:(

    Anyhow, for Canada Day, we like to blare Stompin’ Tom. Really.

  • melissa

    Only on Canada day, Roberta? Isn’t he an all-year phenomenon in your home? My kids can shout “Goodbye Rubberhead, so long Boob, go and blow your innertube. I’ve got another sugar cube, so goodbye Rubberhead, so long Boob” so loud that i *know* their cultural education has been an unparalleled success!

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