His First Word

The cheesedoodle is the strong silent type.  He can handily flip his sister off the couch, or throw a Tonka truck down the stairs, but his vocalization is a complex series of grunts.  His sister, on the other hand, at this age had a few little words (num for food, ball . . .) but couldn’t be bothered to carry anything more than a purse.  I just figure he’s on his way to manly tool-guy-ness.

Saturday evening I was trying to decipher a game winning word on Lexulous (on-line scrabble) and both kids climbed up in my lap to see what had engrossed me.  Abandoning the pursuit of brilliance (ha!), I decided to do some letter recognition with the mackerdoodle.  She would point to an “A” on the screen and say, “There’s an A” and I would say, “Good Girl!  Can you find another one?”

The second time I congratulated the mackerdoodle, the cheesedoodle picked up on the tone of voice and started to clap.  The fourth time, he decided he wanted in on this action too.  He pointed to a random place on the computer screen and said, clearly, “A” then clapped happily.  He did it several times, and every time was accompanied with a proud self applause for this new trick.

Most kids’ first words are “ball” or “cup” or “poop.”  The ever efficient cheesedoodle is beginning with “A.”  It’s a very good place to start.


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One response to “His First Word

  • Diane

    Oh, how I remember… Everything to Sarah was a “ball” (remember?)-now that she is 11 going on 16, I can’t get her to be quit!!!

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