Happy Birthday. How Can Roadside Assistance Help You?

This morning I set out to run two short errands.  The first: get the occupancy permit so that we can move in to our permanent apartment on Saturday.  (YAY!)  The second was to get fruit and whipped cream to top my birthday Pavlova.

When my dad came back from Australia the last time, he brought me a Pavlova Magic Egg (I had no idea I could order them from Amazon though!) and I have been hoarding it as my birthday cake.  I had invited neighbors to join us for crock pot fried rice and Pavlova at lunch, so my goal was to get my errands done and be home by 9:45.  I would have even done it!

Except when I got into my van after applying for my permit, it wouldn’t start.  I put the key in the ignition and got all the flashes and dings and gauge wiggles that accompany such an action.  Surprisingly, that’s the only thing that happened.  I lay that key over to the “start” position and was greeted with . . .


It’s not a hybrid.  It’s not supposed to sound like that.

So here’s where the bad day, actually turned into a weird, “only-in-my-life” sort of cool in the midst of total crap.  My new friend Becky had driven up to my apartment to bring me happy birthday balloons and a lemon turnover.  She called me from my parking space and asked me if it was too early to come in.  I informed her that I was up, showered, dressed, and not at home.  So a short good will birthday trip turned into, “Becky, angel of mercy and personal chauffeur.”

She drove to the location of my vehicle, waited while I spoke to the roadside assistance computer, took me to Aldi for my fruit and whipped cream, and then brought me home.  She watched me eat my lemon turnover (I love lemon desserts) and chatted with us for about 45 minutes, before taking my husband back to the van to wait for the tow guys.

I still had lunch with our neighbors.  Jonathan sat at a Kia dealership for two hours.   Eventually he came home in a loaner vehicle, changed into his uniform and went to work.

It could have been a really bad birthday, but between “angel Becky” and a really nice lunch with neighbors, I still got to enjoy my day.

Tomorrow, of course, we have to pay the van hospital bill.  But I got to enjoy today.


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday. How Can Roadside Assistance Help You?

  • Jawan

    I love how you see the joy of the Lord in all situations, Coralie. Of course, I didn’t hear the evil whispers and mumblings of your heart during all this craziness….ha! I’m glad you were still able to have some conversations and lemon treats on your birthday. Wish I could have been there to share it with you.

  • Tera Montgomery

    Praise the Lord for friends and food and cell phones! I have a good recipe for lemon cookies…I suppose they count as lemon dessert, right? I am sure I still have the email with your address (which, of course, I should have transferred immediately to my address book…)

  • Jodi Plunk

    I HATE that it was your birthday yesterday and we didn’t know, so sorry! I LOVE the fact that you like, make and know what pavlova is! Hope you’re having a good day and we’ll make it up to you…. oh and thank you doesn’t do justice to how you helped us with Bramley yesterday, but it’s a start, thankyou!
    Looking forward to you being a true neighbor!

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