Weekend Inquiry: Tell Me About Your Sleep Habits

No special reason.  There’s not usually a special reason.  I just have a weird brain that comes up with these strange questions:


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4 responses to “Weekend Inquiry: Tell Me About Your Sleep Habits

  • Kristi-Anna

    what? no option for ‘other’? 🙂 I said 7, but it’s rarely 7 in a row… for many many years now. *sigh*

  • Corinna

    I said 7 but it’s often less than that. Sometimes 5 or 6. No excuses, I’m a night owl but my current life doesn’t allow me to sleep in.

  • Angela

    I sleep. A lot. If I don’t get 9-10 hours regularly, I end up making it up somewhere during the week with a nap. It’s actually pretty annoying. I wish I could get by on 6 hours, or even 8 like a normal person. :-p

  • Carole

    I am needing an afternoon nap now more often as well as 7-8 at night

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