Settled? Hardly, but Getting There.

So we moved on Saturday.  We’re in our apartment, with our things, and our boxes of stuff that need to have a home.  The children are rediscovering their toys.  It’s like new toys for the cheesedoodle, but the mackerdoodle spent a great deal of time eyeing each box of toys suspiciously and asking me specific questions about the locations of certain toys as if I may have eliminated some along the way.  I did.  I didn’t think she would notice.  Once again I have greatly underestimated my daughter’s intelligence and memory.

This afternoon the cheesedoodle would not nap, would not settle, and just screamed at me for about thirty minutes.  I had no idea what was going on until I realized that back in March and April we spent three and a half weeks in Canada with my mother.  Six weeks after getting home from that trip we moved here to St. Louis, and six weeks later again we’ve moved into our permanent home.  The poor little man must be thinking that his life is on a continuous loop of new environments.

This realization also explains why I have felt unsettled and a little tired for several months.  I think we all need to be stable for a little while and establish a new definition of normal.

****In other news, Jonathan is going into his first final exam (Greek is in 2 parts, so this will end Greek I) with an 89% average.  I’m really proud of him.  Greek isn’t easy.  ****


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2 responses to “Settled? Hardly, but Getting There.

  • Andrea

    Way to go Jonathan! I’ve seen how difficult Greek can be by watching D and A do their homework assigned by T.Melvin! I hesitate to ask this…but being really tired…could you be pregnant? 🙂

  • Tera Montgomery

    Congratulations on the 89% Jonathan! I can’t even imagine trying to learn that language!

    I had the same thought as Andrea but I would imagine you have probably had that thought as well and have ruled it out…or not… 🙂

    We will be praying for that new normal for your family…I am sure you are ready for it!

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