Weekend Inquiry – How Much is Too Much?

By 2014, the Federal government plans to monitor the body mass index of all Americans.  Go ahead and read that article, and then tell me what you think about it.  Tell me why in the comment section.


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5 responses to “Weekend Inquiry – How Much is Too Much?

  • Peggy

    This kind of nonsense is inevitable anytime a government introduces something like socialized healthcare. Eventually the privacy and human rights legislation will catch up and prohibit it, but by then Obamacare will have been abandoned either because it was about to bankrupt the country or because it had already done so.

  • Lollie

    Too intrusive! What next? Cleaning my finger nails??

  • melissa

    At least they are consistent…
    Consistently wrong, mind you…

    But I agree with Peggy, and I think it’s funny that Obama has already set into motion what the socialists of Canada have been asking for in our own health care system for years – but has been deemed too left wing even for us! Our system was established in a time of prosperity and has grown to an unweildy mess of beurocracy and fraud. How on earth is America hoping to introduce and implement, in a more stringent form, the same system in a time of economic depression?

    Eutopia, indeed.

  • Carole

    what will be next? manditory weght reduction classes?

  • Tera Montgomery

    The government is definitely getting too intrusive into the lives of people who can afford both health insurance and the food we eat. If they want to start somewhere, why not start with the people who are on all of the disability and food stamp benefits but are still doing things that require immense amounts of taxpayer money. The road to 2012 and beyond will be interesting if Obama keeps this up.

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