Five Favorite Restaurant Meals

French Onion Soup I Made All By Myself

It’s official.  At some point I began to enjoy cooking.  I don’t know when it happened really, but today our new pastor (I feel funny writing that, like I should apologize to Mitch) came for lunch and I realized a few days ago that I was actually looking forward to cooking the lunch I was going to serve him.  We had french onion soup in bread bowls and it was good.  Really good.

As I enjoy cooking more, I am discovering that it is just as enjoyable and far cheaper, to eat our favorite restaurant meals at home.  I make a pretty good steak, great hamburgers, spinach dip, pizza and now french onion soup; but there are a few meals that I just can’t do in my own kitchen.

1.   Sushi –  I love sushi, but really I think it wise to leave raw fish to professionals.  Preferably professionals trained in Japan.

2.  Hot Wings – Not only are they messy and often dangerous to make without a fryer, it is one of the few meals that are actually cheaper when ordered from a restaurant.

3.  Ribs – I’ve tried.  I can’t make them fall off the bone or taste like ribs in a restaurant.  I may be able to learn this one, but for now, it’s on the list.

4.  Kung Pao Chicken – Again, I’ve tried.  It wasn’t pretty.  Trust me on this.

5.  Cinnabon –  Seriously, how do they make them?  I know how to make pretty good cinnamon rolls and cream cheese icing, so I should be able to replicate this,  but there’s nothing that touches Cinnabon.

So there’s my list of things I can’t make in my kitchen.  There once was a time I would have struggled to come up with five things I *could* make in my kitchen.  Isn’t life strange?


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6 responses to “Five Favorite Restaurant Meals

  • Melanie

    It’s official – I am now sending you my BBQ ribs recipie…

  • Tera Montgomery

    That looks delicious! Congratulations 🙂 I plan on attempting sushi one day but it will be a simple crabmeat and avocado type that I like….maybe some cream cheese too.

    I have rediscovered my love of cooking and baking during this summer…I have allowed our family to spend WAY too much money eating out over the last year (or more…I slacked off during the months preceding our move).

  • Chrissy

    That does look great! You should start adding a recipes every week so I can learn to love to cook 😉

  • Sandi

    I have a really good honey garlic rib recipe I can send you if you wish. I think the trick to really tender ribs is to boil them for a couple of hours and then put on the sauce and either freeze, BBQ or broil. I do a great big batch at once and then split into three meals, freezing two because it’s pretty much the same amount of work to do three meals as it is to do one.

  • Carole

    As you know, I have never enjoyed cooking, but I am on all time low right now…intensified by the greater availability of foods to buy…

  • Melinda

    you’ve come a long way from boiling muffins Cor….I still don’t know how to cook…but could you send me the recipe for the onion soup…maybe I”ll be able to learn??

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