Weekend Inquiry: How Do You Start Your Day?

I’m sitting at the computer with my morning coffee, checking e-mail and doing a quick scan through the facebook status updates.  A good cup of joe and a few minutes of “screen time” are my favorite part of my morning routine.  What is yours?


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4 responses to “Weekend Inquiry: How Do You Start Your Day?

  • suzanne

    I think we have the exact same morning routine 🙂

  • AJU5's Mom

    Since my kids are my alarm clock – they start the morning for me. Once my daughter is distracted, I get a few minutes of computer time in though.

  • melissa

    I tried to put both coffee and spouse time together – because my favourite part of my current routine is “coffee with spouse time” – but the coffee won out (sorry, Bri!). But only because my routine always has coffee, even when Bri isn’t home, and I would much rather have mornings with him, bit I don’t think I could do mornings without coffee…

    (but I do love Bri more…)

  • Lollie

    Hahaha, yep that’s my morning! 🙂

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