What Else Is He Hiding From Us?

The cheesedoodle is almost 14 months old, and has shown exactly zero interest in walking.  Jonathan and I have been standing him on his sturdy little legs and squatting a distance away with our arms outstretched saying, “Walk to us, cheesedoodle!  Come on.  You can do it!  Walk!”  After a moment of watching our antics with an amused expression on his face, the cheesedoodle drops to all fours and crawls to us; openly laughing at our attempts.  The mackerdoodle, interestingly, has been less than enthusiastic about these attempts, standing beside us saying, “He can’t walk.  He’s a baby.  He can’t walk.”  We thought she was feeling supplanted as the “big kid” in the house.

On Friday, the cheesedoodle took three steps from Jonathan to the mackerdoodle and all of her ambivalence disappeared.  He was walking to HER and that made it okay.  She began to say, “Let’s do it again, baby!  Walk to me!” but her brother still laughed and continued to crawl.

Saturday night we had some neighbors come for supper.  Their twin boys (the same age as the mackerdoodle) and the mackerdoodle were running around the living room having a great time, when all four adults, sitting at the kitchen table, realized simultaneously that the cheesedoodle was walking across the living room, through the midst of three running preschoolers.  The second he realized we were looking at him, he sat down, laughed and crawled away.

I kid you not.

It makes me wonder what other skills he’s hiding from us.  Maybe he can speak in full sentences.  Maybe he’s secretly potty trained.  Maybe he has string theory disproven and is working on an alternate quantum theory.  Who knows?  He’s obviously playing his cards close to the chest.

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