Thoughts on a Monday Morning

There are a lot of random thoughts bouncing about my brain and it’s Monday and I’ve only had half a cup of coffee, so here are those thoughts, free form with no thought to order, structure, entertainment, or even quality – I mean, worse than is normally the case here.

  1. We have our Seminary Support website up and live.  We’ll be updating the prayer request page every Sunday evening and other details as they change or develop.  You can find that website by clicking this sentence, and I’ll put a link on my side bar.
  2. Our mackerdoodle has been asking us for weeks why we live in St. Louis.  It’s become  a family litany “So that daddy can go to school and become a pastor.”  (sometimes she adds “and grow a beard.”  Amen baby girl!)  But lately she’s been crying and saying, “But I don’t want him to be a pastor.  I still want him to be my daddy.”  It’s breaking our hearts.   Jonathan tries to reassure her that he will always be her daddy, but we’re just praying the Lord will calm her spirit.
  3. My kitchen in Georgia was the Texas of kitchens.  My kitchen here isn’t.  It’s not a bad kitchen, but I’m adjusting how I do things and where I store things.
  4. Late last week we finally met the family in whose home we lived for the first 40 days of our seminary adventure, and it turns out the man is a bow hunting, Spiderman reading, StarWars fan with conservative political and biblical views who likes football.  Is that a divine appointment for my husband or what?
  5. My family closet is almost up and running.  I just need to hang the last pole for hanging clothes.  I’ll be posting a few pictures of the place sometime this week so you have an idea of where we’re living.  If you need such a thing.
  6. My in-laws are coming to visit for two weeks and I am so excited to get to show someone this neat city that is our new home.  The mackerdoodle has been telling everyone that “Gampa and Gampa” are coming to visit, leading to two people asking confused questions about the nature of Jonathan’s family structure.  It’s Grandma and Grandpa coming to see us.  We’ll post pictures to prove that too.  🙂
  7. The cheesedoodle has abandoned the effort of hiding his walking skills.  He’s happily walking for longer distances and more frequently choosing it as his mode of transportation.
  8. By adding an eighth point I am now officially no longer purging thoughts from my brain and have crossed over into procrastination.  Enough.  I’ll hit post and exercise some dominion over the entropy in my home.  And mop the floor.  AGAIN.  I wish I had a steam mop.  sigh.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Monday Morning

  1. I have a steam mop (my tax return gift to myself last year) and you can borrow it ANYTIME! Lots of people use it regularly. It has made my life much better to not mop 🙂

  2. Oh I have been eyeing those steam mops! I have a nice, but terrible to mop, tile floor. I love that you get yourself to take control of your house! I have helper and I’m still unmotivated this Monday to get them or me to do anything! Good thing it’s Summer! 🙂

  3. Zac called Bri’s mom and dad “maga” for the first few months of his talking adventure, then graduated to mom being “gammagampa” and dad “gamma”. I thought it was very cute. His big nine year-old self can handle all the names now, except for his brother’s – who he often calls names quite apart from the one we gave him … not really so cute!

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