So . . .

So, back at the beginning of my blog, I realized one day that I had started the last 28 or something posts with the word “So.”  Then I discovered that the more I tried not to do it, the more I ended up doing it.  I briefly considered renaming the blog “So . . .” and making that my official starting word so that it looked purposeful instead of redundant, and as soon as I decided to do that of course I couldn’t.

Anyway I had never considered that it may be a word with which I begin a lot of sentences, until I began to notice my mackerdoodle doing it.

At first it was when she was playing.  “So, I’m going to the store.  You want to come Floga?”

Then it showed up when she was considering something.  “So, what about Nana and Papa?  When we going to see them again?”

But lately she’s been trying subtlety.  Or at least, subtle for an almost three year old.  Yesterday she leaned on my knees with her elbows, looked at my coffee mug and then looked at me and said, big brown eyes wide and pseudo-innocent, “So-o-o-o-o.  I like coffee.  (beat)  With chocolate soy milk.”

This morning took the cake.  She was sitting on the floor with a shoe in her hand and looked up at me.  “So, this is only one shoe.”  We agreed that she was holding only one shoe.  She kept looking at us and after a moment of expectant silence followed up with, “So.  I have two feet.”


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3 responses to “So . . .

  • Angela

    I can SOOOO 😉 relate. As our written communication becomes more and more social and less formal, our verbal clutter begins to invade our posts. It gets harder and harder to compose a message without feeling like it NEEDS these lingual “sign posts” to anchor it in coloquialism. It feels stilted and formal without, like, throwing in a “you know” along the way, you know?

    Don’t even get me started on my use of emoticons. I can’t trust my own words to communicate my state of mind in themselves. I have to throw a smiley at the end to be sure to communicate my state of mind. 🙂

  • melissa

    Soooo, she’s really cute. REALLY cute.

  • Marianne

    Gah… “so” and “yeah” are two of my verbal ticks.

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