Fun with $1 Contact Paper

I have a Dollar Tree obsession.  I can’t stand to spend more than 30 minutes in a clothing store, but I could (and have) spent over an hour wandering the aisles of a dollar store.  It’s amazing the things you can find, and while you have to be careful because some things are more expensive and other things are just plain crappy, there is a lot of inexpensive joy to be found in a dollar store.

There is Dollar Tree very near my new home and because it is a new home I am finding reasons to be there at least twice a week.  One of the things that has jumped out at me every time I go in, are two particularly cute patterns of contact paper.  Yes, they also carry the typical tacky dollar contact paper (fake black marble, fake wood paneling, enormous sunflowers) but two particular patterns just jumped out at me, and I’ve been looking for a reason to buy them for weeks.

In our possessions is a small suitcase that was Jonathan’s grandfather’s, and became Jonathan’s.  When we married it was looking pretty rough – the fabric cover was torn and worn, the leather trim was scuffed and marked – so I decided (because I was young and stupid) to decoupage it.   Upside down.  On only one side.  It’s one of those projects that I have looked at with shame and regret for years!  I ruined an antique suitcase.  What was I thinking?

Really. What was I thinking?

Well, that suitcase has found its way into my decor again, and looking at it last night, I realized that I couldn’t restore the case to its former glory, but I suspected I could cover my sins with fancy dollar store contact paper!  I bought some today, and this afternoon I transformed that disaster into this:

Better, Right?

Here it is in its place:

The Wedding Photos are Sitting on the Yellow suitcase now. It looks better.

This is hidden storage for my living room.  The large suitcases hold movies, the smallest one contains all of the mackerdoodle’s coloring and craft things and the newly covered one is awaiting assignment.  Seeing the success of this project, and having used less than a single roll, but having purchased two, I cast my eyes about for another surface to cover.  My eyes fell here:

Hot Spot containment

The built in bookshelves in my living room had become a hot spot, so on a previous Dollar Tree visit, I had picked up these fabric boxes.  They’re not bad to look at.  I mean, they’re better than looking at a stack of mail, a collection of pens and piles of charges and cords,  but they do have a “I bought these cheap” look to them.  In a very short time, I was able to apply the second roll of contact paper, and transform them into:

Better, Right?

Sure it’s not a perfect job, but at $1 per roll, I just upgraded my $1 fabric boxes for a quarter a piece.  I think they look better than $1.25.

Completely thrilled with myself, I turned to the mackerdoodle, gesturing to my completed projects, and said, “Look.  Are they pretty?”  The mackerdoodle put her head to one side and said, “No.  Maybe this would help.”

The cheesedoodle has to touch everything his sister touches. It drives her mad.

Everyone’s a critic.


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7 responses to “Fun with $1 Contact Paper

  • Jawan

    hilarious! love all your decor. I, too, have a Dollar Tree obsession.

  • Thelma

    I share the same dollar store obsession, but I don’t think I share your clever artistic flair. The little arrangement of suitcases as hidden storage is like something out of a magazine! Thanks for sharing!

  • Suzanne

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE the idea of the boxes for mail and stuff! We’ve had sort of a filing system for a while on our dishwasher where Jimmy and I each have a box and then there’s a box of generic stuff (checkbook, etc.) but I still have to look at piles of JUNK. I LOVE the idea of putting all of that mail into boxes so it’s still out, and it’s still sorted, but it doesn’t look so messy. Thanks for the great idea!! (Now I just have to clear some space fot the boxes…)

  • melissa

    Very cute. I love black and white – and I really like the suitcases. Elsa and Bethan have started a collection of old suitcases for their doll paraphanalia (sp?) – and I like it – and those old cases were great quality!

    Have you looked at VandCo’s link party for organisation ideas? She has some great (and some useless) ideas there

    Why didn’t that turn blue?
    I am a cut and paste failure.

  • melissa

    Oh, heh. It is linked. I am just a computer-related-anything failure. Much better.

  • Kim Crist

    You’re a pro at that, Coralie! I love the new suitcase and the stacking/use gave me some great ideas about storage. 🙂 Here we are getting ready to move and I’m ruthlessly getting rid of “knick-knacks”. Its hard but I think I’ll have few regrets when it comes to unpacking in a house half this size. 🙂 Love the shelves at your house.

  • AJU5's Mom

    If only dollar stores had better carts for two kids! I like them, but trying to wrangle two kids is almost impossible in them. Great job with the contact paper!

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