Yes, She’s Three. How did that happen?

Happy Birthday Dear Mackerdoodle

I’ve been a mama for three years.  Sometimes it feels like I’ve been a mama forever and other times it feels like I’ve blinked and all my dreams have come true in an instant.  I look at this chatting (always chatting, unless she’s singing or humming.  She even manages to chat or hum in her sleep most nights.) dancing, bouncing, little girl and I can hardly believe she was ever that helpless infant I brought home from the hospital.  Except she is still every inch that infant who poked out her tongue minutes after birth and smiled early in her first month of life.  She’s still the little person who was dancing and bouncing around my womb in her first ultrasound.

pink cake with pink icing on a pink plate

Jonathan’s parents invited us to join them at a resort in northern Missouri, so we packed up pink cake, pink icing, pink candles, pink wrapped gifts, pink plate (for the pink cake) and a tickled pink birthday girl (and her completely oblivious brother) on the birthday morning and arrived at Grandma and Grandpa’s condo to find it decorated with pink streamers and pink balloons.  After an unsuccessful attempt to create fire with a glass top stove and paper (because mama forgot the matches for the candles) we borrowed a lighter from the security guard in exchange for a piece of the cake when it was cut.  It was, under the circumstances, very generous negotiating on his part.

Bed time stories with Grandma and Grandpa

After presents and cake with ice cream (not pink.  chocolate.  very fashionable combination.) we spent the rest of the day – and much of the next four days in fact – in the three on-site pools.

After a bed time story from Grandpa, the mackerdoodle was lying in her little bed, her eyes heavy.  She said, “Mama.  It too light.  I can’t. . . Mama?  I can’t fall. . . ”  and then came the tell-tale sounds of sleep.  The sleep she was trying to tell me wouldn’t come.

She’s three and it’s been a lifetime.


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3 responses to “Yes, She’s Three. How did that happen?

  • Wendy Robinson

    Please give Moriah a hug and give her birthday wishes from us. What a treat it has been to follow the growth and wonderful development of your children through your blog. They are truly joyous children and I love hearing and seeing their progress.
    Congratulations on three years of parent hood.
    How nice that you could be with grandparents for the birthday.
    Love Auntie Wendy

  • melissa

    Pool, presents, grandparents and cake (pink cake at that!) – birthdays don’t get much better than that! We pray this year will be full of many more wonderful days!

  • Diane

    What until you wake up one morning and she is 11!!! In a year and a half, I will have a teenager and she has all the symptoms of the drama that teenage life brings!

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