In Which a Cool Down Refreshes My Perspective

Jonathan’s parents arrived in Missouri in the midst of summer’s dying throws of heat, humidity and just general angry revenge.  It hasn’t just been hot for two retired folks from a temperate island off the coast of British Columbia, it’s been hot for everyone.  Until the last three days.  On Monday and Tuesday, the temperatures were almost 20 degrees lower than the week previous, and the humidity was as low as it gets in a valley surrounded by large rivers.  The foam of delight that topped it all off was the slight cool in the breezes that whispered, “I’m fall and I’m on my way.  Don’t despair.”

Needless to say, we crammed every cool minute full of activities here in this new adopted city of ours.

Monday morning was the zoo.  While the zoo here is both excellent and free, it is also very large and we had walked the rough equivalent of half the Lewis and Clarke expedition by the time we returned home for lunch.  We were looking forward to a quieter afternoon, but the last-minute discovery that Jonathan had the evening off led us off on a new journey downtown – supper at the old Spaghetti Factory (a Cowan tradition) and a journey (on foot) to the arch park.  By the time we arrived home, three hours past the children’s bed time, we had walked to the moon and back  or at least it felt like it.

So how did we recover on Tuesday?  By walking some more, of course.  On Tuesday we explored St. Charles and discovered a great historic town, with a beautiful park on the Missouri river and . . . a lot of walking.

It was two very excellent days and everything was new, and beautiful and fresh.  It was a reminder that we have embarked on a new adventure in a new state with new things to see, explore, and walk around.  It was two days of reprieve from heat to remind us that heat and humidity, like seminary,  is a season and does pass.  It was a wonderful blessing spent with family that we haven’t been able to see often enough and that is a cool refreshing breeze in a summer of total chaos and ongoing change.

I’m looking forward to fall in St. Louis.  Maybe without so much walking.


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4 responses to “In Which a Cool Down Refreshes My Perspective

  • suzanne

    I love the reminder “I’m fall and I’m on my way. Don’t despair.” St. Louis in the fall can be really beautiful 🙂

  • melissa

    Oh, I don’t know – fall and walking seem to go hand in hand – can’t think of a more pleasant way to spend the cooler days together! We have a bit of that whisper, too, but this is the first summer I have really not minded the humidity at all, and thought I love the (slightly) cooler weather – the change feels a little bitter-sweet.

    It’s been a good summer.

  • Carole

    As we start to think about our next trip to St.Louis the thought of a “really beautiful” fall sounds tempting. Do you think you can put up with another visit from doting parents/ grandparents?…soon?

  • AJU5's Mom

    Sounds like you had a great two days. The heat keeps me from taking the kids a lot of places, but I want to explore more of our town too – since we have lived here 8 years and haven’t done half the things probably.

    Enjoy what God has given you for today – tomorrow He will have more blessings (and you can’t always get today’s back).

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