My name is Coralie and I’m an addict . . .

At noon today I was dragging.  I don’t mean I was just feeling like sitting down, I mean I was feeling like falling into bed and taking a nap.  It was largely inexplicable considering the Cheesedoodle had allowed me to sleep more hours (both cumulative and consecutive) than I have since before he was born, by falling asleep early, sleeping soundly and sleeping in.  It was bliss.  I should have had more energy today than any day in the last four years or so. 

But I didn’t. I just didn’t.

At lunch Jonathan looked at the french press sitting on the counter and said, in extreme surprise, “You didn’t drink your coffee this morning?”  Indeed, I hadn’t.  We had been in a hurry to go grocery shopping and I had run out the door without my fix.  Sure enough, a cup and a half later and I’m a different woman! I feel motivated.  I can focus on the task at hand.  I feel like life is worth living.  I’m tackling my “to-do” list. 

This has me pondering my statements to various women that caffeine just doesn’t affect me any more.  It would appear that I have become so dependent on my morning coffee that I require it to achieve normal.  It doesn’t keep me awake, it keeps me running.  Caffeine does indeed affect me.  In fact, it might be time for an intervention.


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7 responses to “My name is Coralie and I’m an addict . . .

  • suzanne

    Oh, I hear that! Before children, I didn’t think that caffeine affected me but now I’m positive that it does. I have had a lot of coffee every morning this summer, mostly out of fear of what will happen otherwise. It got me thinking…maybe this isn’t a good thing. But for now, I drink. I tell myself that during this particular season of life, God probably won’t begrudge me too much if I use coffee to make up for the hours I didn’t sleep 🙂

  • Lollie

    Some days there just isn’t enough caffeine in my cup (or 2). It’s just like that when they’re little. Maybe. 😉

  • melissa


    I don’t get enough sleep. I know that. There are too many things to do, and too few hours in the day to do them…etc. So I am thankful that I have coffee, and other legal (so far), non mind-altering consumables to help me maintain energy enough on those times of the day when I am feeling my lack of sleep. In the same way that I am very thankful for Tylenol and, this summer particularly, allergy medication. Am I addicted? Well, no, I could function without them. Would I be as comfortable? No, not at all.

    Sometimes Christians need to be thankful for the good things we have, particularly when we are reminded of how much more pleasant they make our lives, and forget the world and it’s paranoia with addiction.

    Just a thought. Would love to have a coffee with you soon – maybe around 2:00pm…

  • AJU5's Mom

    I am glad I got over caffeine when I got pregnant with AJU5 – I haven’t had more than a sip since then. But, addictions are hard to break!

  • Christine

    I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been telling everyone that caffeine does not affect me either. I did not have it one morning last week due to lack of time in the morning. I was craving it so bad and was very tired after work that day. I’m beginning to think it’s a sign that you are a true addict when you’re telling people that it doesn’t affect you!

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  • keith groom

    Hi Coralie,

    Congratulations! Can you let me know if you receive this.

    Thanks & take care, keith

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