When Normal Isn’t Normal

Today Jonathan is working 9 to 5.  It’s weird.  He’s not here now.  He’s not in class, because classes don’t start until Thursday.  But he will be home for supper and bedtime and all evening with me.  It is the suburban ideal.

In another round of normalcy, Jonathan’s mom and dad went home this morning.  For the first time in weeks, it’s just our family once again here in our seminary home.  I have a to-do list to check off, meals to cook, things to prepare for when our next round of guests arrive on Tuesday, but what am I doing?  Sitting on the couch with two out-of-sorts kids who miss their daddy and miss Grandma and Grandpa and just want to snuggle with their mama

All this “normal” is just too much for my kids to handle.

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