Sneek Peak: My Seminary Home (well, the kitchen and living room)

Most of you have never been here to our little home here in Saint Louis.  So here’s a little pictorial to help you picture us where we live.  I’ve got to confess, I have NO IDEA how people photograph houses for magazines.  I was a Realtor for 4 years and never mastered the art of photographing a room, let alone those beautiful settings you see in decorating magazines, and on the design*sponge “sneek peak” column.  So you’re going to have to suffer through my pitiful photographs.

My living room as seen from the door

The living room from the other way - looking at the door.

The dining room, (kitchen to left, deck out the back) with the table Jonathan's dad built.

The table is in its smallest setting right now, but it has three (that’s right, 3) leaves to expand it out to seat eight comfortably.  If we had eight chairs, which we don’t.  You can see the eclectic mix of chairs we’re using now, but they work, and we’re thrilled.  This is the table where Jonathan avoided homework, learned to set the table, poked his brothers, refused to eat brussell sprouts and introduced me to his family for the first time.  I pray that one day one of our children will have it in their kitchen, should the Lord tarry and the Chinese let us keep our belongings when they take over.

OH NO! A hot spot. (the portable dishwasher)

The entry way, on the way out, but you can always come on back, when I've managed to get pictures of the rest of the place.


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