Total Game Changer!

Friday morning Jonathan headed off to class and I spent a few hours periodically throwing up.  I remember thinking the fourth or fifth time that I just didn’t know how I was going to get through this.  The pregnancy sickness was worse with the cheesedoodle than the mackerdoodle, and it was beginning to look like it was a descending slide toward hyperemesis gravidarum.  I was really struggling to even rejoice in this new life.

I took the children outside to play and a few of my neighbors noticed my green complexion and subdued spirit.  One of them, 16 weeks pregnant herself with her third child, was sympathetic.  Her first two pregnancies had been much like mine, and her third had begun in the same way, until she discovered Milk Thistle.  I must admit, I was skeptical.  Every other remedy – home, herbal and other – I had tried in the past had been woefully inadequate, but when she offered to bring me some to try I figured there was nothing to lose.  She dropped off about nine capsules Friday evening, and as evening had been the best time for me, I thought I’d really take it for a spin first thing in the morning.

Sure enough I woke up Saturday morning feeling like weasels were fighting in my stomach.  It was really bad.  The label on the bottle said “take with food” and just the thought of eating made me gag.  Instead, I poured a glass of milk, and swallowed to two small pills.  In twenty minutes I had a bagel for breakfast.  Because our friends Loran and Tera were coming into town I cleaned my house, took out the trash, emptied the recycling, and then realized, “Hey.  I haven’t thrown up today!”

Milk thistle with every meal and I haven’t thrown up since (drum roll please . . .) Friday.

I haven’t wondered how I was going to manage a pregnancy with Jonathan’s crazy schedule since Friday.  I haven’t felt like I was on a run away freight train since Friday.  I haven’t asked God what the heck He was THINKING! since Friday.

This is a total game changer.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  James 1:17

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6 responses to “Total Game Changer!

  • Jawan

    Praise God for milk thistle!

  • Lollie

    Wow! I will be recommending that to all the Mommies I know!
    Praise the Lord you found something that works so well!!

  • AJU5's Mom

    Okay – if we “go” for a third, I will have to remember that. Phenergan wasn’t enough for me with my son, and I was stuck taking Zofran through most of the pregnancy with him (if I didn’t – I threw up). Maybe that will work especially when I am not throwing up after eating anything!

  • Joy

    Wow! This is great…And by the way, when did you find out you were pregnant? How did I miss this? 🙂 I am always sick as a dog until about week 20, and thus my fear of being pregnant in seminary is heightened as Logan wouldn’t be able to take over and run everything as he has done in the past. Good to know!! Hope all goes well at the appointment!

  • Mary Beth

    Such great news! Milk Thistle is even pretty in the botanical print! What a great little plant.

  • sharon Morginsky

    found your blog! So thankful its working for you!!!

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