Daily Archives: September 20, 2010

Some Observations on Pregnancy, Hospitality and Being an Extrovert

We’ve had house guests for 26 of the last 45 days and we’ve loved every one of them (the days and the guests) but there comes a time, even for a family of extroverts (and Jonathan) when we have to recognize a certain overload.  For introverts, people are draining.  They need down time to process ideas, contemplate life and recharge their batteries.  An extrovert, on the other hand is powered by people.  We get our best ideas when we’ve been around people.   We process life better in a crowd.  We tend to think that we want to be around other people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. But we’re wrong.

While the introvert needs a break from people in order to recharge, the extrovert needs a break in order to discharge.  Right now my little family is a thunderstorm waiting to happen, and I’m afraid my mom and dad have been the unwitting recipients of the periodic pre-storm strikes.

I have never been good at handling my own extroverted nature, and now that I’m also responsible for managing and protecting two more, I am struggling to find the right balance.  What I want to do is look at my schedule for next weekend and invite someone (okay, that would be you, Becky) in for supper.  I want to think that Thursday and Friday is enough down time and then we’ll be back to normal.  I want to think it, but it won’t be true.

I have to be realistic about what my children can handle.  I have to be realistic about what I can handle, with two kids running around and a third on the way.  I have to give us all time to run down our internal batteries, and get back to a running level within the normal range.  I have to recognize that I’m pregnant, and give myself permission to slow down and focus on raising the two kids I’ve got, and providing  a healthy environment in which the one on the way can thrive.

So I’m blocking off most of October.  We’re declaring a period of emotional static discharge for the sake of family mental health.

And I’m taking reservations for November.  Who’s in?  🙂