A Failure to Communicate

The mackerdoodle came home from Sunday School singing “I may never ride like a cowboy.  Shoot the artery.  Fly over [mumble mumble].  I’m in the lordy me.  YES SIR!”

I’m pretty sure that isn’t what she was taught.  🙂


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5 responses to “A Failure to Communicate

  • AJU5's Mom

    I love the way they change the words to songs, etc. I have that problem with my daughter and her scripture memory for Awana sometimes. She has yet to say died in Christ died for us. It is more like do -od (and we are NOT southern).

  • Dad

    I think this shows that she is anti military and intends instead to be a cowgirl or a medical worker. No “Lords Army” for her.


  • Carole

    Loved her version of the Lord’s Army…Dad and I chattered about in on our morning walk

  • Roberta

    Sarah-Wynne used to come out with amazing lyrics to hymns, and we laughed and thought it was cute. Then we found out she’d gone nearly totally deaf, and felt kinda bad. Thankfully a quick surgery fixed her hearing and she got the words right all of a sudden- not as cute, but better for her:)

  • Betsy

    That is just too much!! I love it!! Wish she would sing that for me! Maybe I’ll ask her about it.

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