I want to post, I really do

but the second I sit down to write something, my son brings me “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and then the mackerdoodle brings Creaky Old House (which is a new favorite, Nana!) and then . . . I don’t get a blog posted.  And then I sit down at night to blog, and my brain falls asleep.  Sorry.


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2 responses to “I want to post, I really do

  • Lollie

    Brown Bear was Bevan’s Favorite book. It got worn right out! I bought a new one this year for Madalyn, it is now her favorite book:)

  • Andrea

    Reading aloud to my children is still a source of pleasure for them – and ME! The books have just gotten longer as they’ve gotten older…We’ve graduated from Thomas the Tank Engine to The Hardy Boys. I have to admit that I anticipate the unfolding plot as much as they do!

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