When I Break a Resolution, I REALLY Break a Resolution!

Does anyone remember this post where I vowed to take the month of October off from having company in order to give the children a break?

Here’s what October has shaped up so far:

October 1st (yes.  The very first day of the month) friends came for supper.  We had ham and I made scalloped potatoes for the first time.  Turns out they’re pretty easy.  The potatoes I mean.

October 5th:  Different friends came over for Tortilla soup. They brought chocolate cake for dessert.  The mackerdoodle wants to know when they will come back – with chocolate cake.

October 10th: Celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with yet other friends.  Cooked turkey, stuffing (which was too dry), cheesy mashed potatoes (which were too soupy), sweet potato souffle, and green bean casserole.  Betsy made caramel apples for dessert.  After they left, Jonathan was licking the caramel from his fingers and said, a little stickily, “We really need this recipe.”

October 14th:  Friends are taking me and Jonathan out for supper after the children go to bed.

Translation: Every evening Jonathan has had off, we’ve managed to have guests.  So you can see that our life has clearly slowed down.

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