My Prediction – For Whatever It’s Worth

I know that every pregnancy is different and that differences in pregnancy does not mean differences in gender.  One of the reasons I know that is because my mother had two very different pregnancies and two girls.  Regardless, from observations on this, my third pregnancy to last past the first trimester, I can compare and contrast it with my previous two and draw some conclusions.

With the mackerdoodle I wanted Burger King breakfast every morning and craved things like Arby’s beef and cheddar sandwiches, poutine, and Taco Bell.  With the cheesedoodle I wanted oatmeal and bear claws and cream cheese danishes for breakfast and craved Sonic cream slushes.

This time around I’m wanting sausage biscuits, eggs and cheese sandwiches.  While I have no desire to eat at Taco Bell, I have made a small pot of chili cheese dip for my supper on two different occasions.  Yesterday I made a toasted tomato sandwich and it was SO GOOD that I made three more!  Three!  I know tomatoes are good for you, but all that bread can’t be healthy.  And typing poutine up there has made me want it!  Mmmmmm.  My mouth is watering.

Interestingly, with both the mackerdoodle and the cheesedoodle I wanted ice cream.  I’m not a big ice cream eater, so Jonathan really noticed it with both pregnancies, and has noticed that it hasn’t returned this time around.  With both past pregnancies I had an aversion to drinking milk, which has been completely reversed this time around.

So every pregnancy is different, but my prediction right now based on past indicators is that I’m having a girl.  In six to eight weeks, we’ll know if I’m right or not, but I thought I’d put my prediction out there, just to see if I’m as smart as I think I am.


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14 responses to “My Prediction – For Whatever It’s Worth

  • Jonathan

    Fine, I’ll say we are having a boy 🙂
    Now we will be able to say that our family guessed correctly.

  • Marianne

    Silly Canadian. Although, that poutine does look good. I’m going to guess girl too.

    I feel almost exactly the same as I did with Nathan (no nausea, no real physical limitations, fine blood pressure), except I *think* I’m more tired. I gained weight about 3 times faster (already up 25 lbs … TWENTY-FIVE!), my heartburn isn’t as severe, and I’m not as achy. What does that mean?

  • suzanne

    Hmm. I have a hard time believing people actually give birth to girls…but I know it MUST be true. And that poutine….interesting (said suspiciously).

  • Tera Montgomery

    I’ll throw this out there…are you sure it is just one? 🙂 Hehehe…

  • Lollie

    Wow! You can tell from your cravings? Josh can tell what I’m having from about 15-17 weeks when I really start showing. He knew we were having a girl before we had an ultrasound. With the girls I carry all out front, with the boys I carry all around!
    I craved something different with each one! Brady it was Big Macs and green popcicles. Bev it was Tomatoes and Strawberries. Nat it was Tomatoes, Strawberries and steak. (Both Bevan and Natalie hate Tomatoes!) With Ash it was Mustard (I do not like Mustard) I had to put it on all my food!
    Madalyn I craved….I dont’ remember! That’s terrible I’ll have to ask Josh!

  • Becky

    Hilarious. With both our girls I wanted egg and cheese sandwiches from McD’s and with our boy – – slushies. We kept Sonic in business that summer. Needless to say – – -I see your logic.

  • Carole

    with partcular cravings….just FOOD in general……with Melissa it was pop, pop, and more POP

  • melissa

    I had no cravings at all. None. Four babies and no cravings. I feel left out.

    Right now, however, I crave pumpkin pie because it just came out of the oven and I smell it. Won’t you all come to mom and dad’s tomorrow to enjoy it with us? I may throw in some poutine if that would sweeten the deal…

  • melissa

    Well, not poutine IN the pie, because that would be nasty, just on the table. With the Turkey dinner. Mmmm. Canadian gourmet.

  • Jawan

    Is there a third choice? Just kiddin’

  • Roberta

    For what it’s worth, I suspect you of harbouring another boy. Also, I need to point out that ‘support’ has 2 ‘P’s, not one. Above your photo.

  • Laura

    Hmm…. Jonathon is correct, the family will have the gender correctly covered. I think I am having a girl this time because my pregnancies are SOO different. With little man I was never sick, with this one I am sick every day. Oh by the way, I am pregnant!

    Enjoy the speculations over the next few weeks.

  • AJU5's Mom

    Can’t wait to hear if you are correct. We thought AJU5 would be a boy, and she was a girl. Since AJU6’s pregnancy was similar (with worse morning sickness), we assumed girl again (which also was so we didn’t get our hopes up since AJU1 really wanted a boy), and he is ALL boy. So, I am terrible at guessing…

  • keith groom

    Hi Coralie, not really related to this post, but when are we going to have to contest to give the next child their nickname (is that what “mackerdoodle” is?) Or their alias? You know you’ve thought about it, . . . ______doodle. It’s great to hear every week how things are & I feel we should reciprocate. Well, I guess just ask on if u want to know. Is this proper for a “comment posting”? Am I breaking some rules?
    Take care & God bless, keith

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