Pregnant or Not, Some Things Don’t Go With Pickles.

I’m a pretty big fan of dill pickles.  So big, in fact, that when I was a teen, my mother used to include a jar of dill pickles in my Christmas stocking.  Yeah.  And my kids have apparently inherited this passion.  We bought two jars of pickles at Aldi on Saturday and today there are only two pickles left in the last jar.  The cheesedoodle will stand at the refrigerator door, pointing at the pickle jars and giggling.  So we have a lot of empty pickle jars in our house is all I’m really saying.

When we had our friends Josh and Betsy and their two boys over for Canadian Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago, Betsy brought what I have dubbed, “Betsy’s Dip Your Own Face Caramel” for caramel apples.  OH!  SO!  GOOD!  As Jonathan and I were licking the last of the caramel out of the bowls that evening, Jonathan asked me, a little stickily, if I could get the recipe.  I was happy to serve my husband in that manner and when Betsy sent me the  recipe, I went out and bought the ingredients and made it that night.

After making the caramel, and dipping my face apple slices into a fresh warm bowl of it, I set out to store the rest for future dipping delight.  I reached into the cupboard and grabbed a clean jar that looked the right size and had a lid.  The caramel fit perfectly and was placed in the refrigerator for safe keeping.

A couple of days later, Jonathan was remarking that he wanted something different for his coffee, and I thought of the caramel sauce.  We eagerly retrieved it from the refrigerator, and Jonathan’s face lit up at the sight of the deliciousness trapped in glass.  He grabbed a spoon and undid the lid but recoiled as the lid came off.

“It smells like pickles,” he said, obviously disappointed.  I was forced to admit, after tasting the stored caramel, that it tasted like pickles.   Caramel isn’t supposed to taste like pickles.  I have rarely had such a food related disappointment.  The jar had gone through the dishwasher, but dill pickle must have some staying power.

So, here’s the recipe (exactly as Betsy gave it to me), because it’s OH SO GOOD!  Just don’t, for the love of gastronomy, store it in a pickle jar.

“Betsy’s Dip Your Own Face Caramel”

1 stick butter
1 c brown sugar
1 can sweetened condensed milk
3/4 c light corn syrup
I let the butter melt most of the way first, then stir everything else in.
Then just let it simmer a little bit until the sugar melts in and it’s nice and smooth.
Then dip your face in it!!

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One response to “Pregnant or Not, Some Things Don’t Go With Pickles.

  • melissa

    I had the same thing with one jar of strawberry jam – just the last little bit that didn’t fit in the canning batch I stored in an old something jar that had (at some point) contained garlic. Garlic and strawberry is another combination you may wish to avoid. I think for the most part, the smell remains in the lid of re-used jars. You can buy plastic lids (marketed for freezer jam) in the canning section at Walmart and if you just replace the pickle lids, you may avoid pickle smells in your jars. Just a thought.

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