I Share Because My Kids Amaze Me. . .

I love my kids.  I love being at home with them and watching them grow and develop and become little individuals with their own personalities.  I laugh a LOT during the day, because they’re really funny little people but most of the laughter right now is situational and doesn’t transfer to blogging well.  Believe me, I have tried.

Yesterday, however, were two great stories that I think you will appreciate.  To give you some context, I call the cheesedoodle “monkey” at home.  For good reason.

After bathtime, the mackerdoodle stands on a pink stool to brush her teeth at the bathroom sink.  On a normal night she gets down from the stool and stands beside me when it’s time to get into her pajamas, but last night she tried to lean herself from the stool, over to my lap, leaving one foot on the stool and one jabbing desperately at her pajama foot.

“You have to step off the stool mackerdoodle!”  I told her.  “You’re going to fall and hurt yourself.”

Without looking up at me, and with her arms resting on my knees, she stepped, very gently, from the stool, then popped up, arms over her head, and said, “Ta-da!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, and she laughed heartily along with me.

I finally asked her, “Do you do those things on purpose to make mama laugh?”

She flashed her little dimples at me and said, “Yes.  I.  Do.”   Well.  Mission accomplished, I say.

Only twenty minutes later we were gathered in the mackerdoodle’s bedroom wrapping up our bedtime routine.  we had finished our bedtime story which was Hug by Jez Alborough, a favorite in our house.  The mackerdoodle was saying her prayers and the cheesedoodle was looking at the pictures in Hug, intently studying each picture.  When the mackerdoodle had wrapped up I said to him, as I always do, “Okay, say night-night.”  This is generally followed by an enthusiastic wave.

Last night, however, he pointed to the page on the book, and pointed to himself.  I said, “Oh.  Do you want a hug from mama?”

He shook his head emphatically, and turned a few pages until he found a page with the little monkey all by himself.  Then he pointed to the page, and back to himself.

“Are you a monkey?”  I asked, slightly incredulous.  He grinned and nodded, pointing several times from the monkey to himself.  What mama wouldn’t swoop him up and give him laughing hugs at that?  I couldn’t resist.


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