How Irrational Word Association Caused My Family to Miss Out for Too Long

For years I have been hearing and reading the phrase “Pioneer Woman” in reference to food.  The first references were before I encountered my cooking renaissance, and when I heard, “Oh, Pioneer Woman has a great recipe for Polenta” my eyes would glaze over and I would go to the packaged food aisle in my head.  Soon, though, as I was learning to cook and began to learn the types of food my family liked and didn’t like, I began hearing Pioneer Woman’s name (title?) in more and more places.  The most often frequent PW name dropper was (is) my friend “lizzie” who is undergoing her own cooking renaissance.

Here’s the thing.  I would hear about, or even actually eat, some really delicious food, but when I heard that it came from the Pioneer Woman website, I would tune out.  I heard “Pioneer Woman” and assumed (yes, I know) a load of baggage with that name.  I expected a website full of free-range, hormone free vegetables with organic seaweed and tofu.  I don’t buy into most of the food religion that exists right now, and because most of those people claim to be “back to the land,” I assumed that a woman who called herself “Pioneer Woman” was making the same claim.

Yes.  I am aware that the real pioneers didn’t eat tofu.  Or seaweed.  Or even free range poultry – the hawks and coyotes would have eaten them.

Two Mondays ago, at our neighborhood weekly craft night, my friend Rachel began describing this amazing cauliflower soup she had just served her husband.  Just the description of the recipe made my mouth water, and the next day I (a) bought a head of cauliflower and (b) googled “Pioneer Woman.”

Okay.  No seaweed.  No tofu.  A LOT of red meat and pork.  This is the type of food my family loves!  Instead of the contemporary guilt induced recipes I was expecting, I discovered recipes that made me think of my Dad and my paternal grandmother.  Braised Short Ribs, Creamy Tomato Soup,  (okay, Grandma would have never used sherry, but the heart is there.) and the Cauliflower Soup, with half and half, and sour cream.  I mean, she has an entire section of recipes called “Cowboy Food.

The cauliflower soup was a HUGE hit and has won its way onto a regular spot in the meal plan.  Today I sat down to do my monthly meal plan.  I started at Pioneer Woman.  I should have done this AGES ago.  🙂

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8 responses to “How Irrational Word Association Caused My Family to Miss Out for Too Long

  • Sandi

    Oooh, Coralie – do try her cinnamon rolls with coffee/maple flavored icing. They are very yummy and really quite easy! My family LOVES them, and one recipe makes 4-5 round pans full. They freeze well too. Hmmm, maybe now I will go and take one out of the freezer for breakfast 🙂

  • Lollie

    She has a scalloped sweet potatoe maple syrup recipe that I’m wanting to try! Got the sweet potatoes, just gotta find Shallots! (I think those are some kind of onion I have no clue!)
    I confess I was much like you when I heard “Pioneer Woman” I never looked till one day I thought enough! I need to know what the raving is about! Now I’m hooked!

  • Corinna Groom

    I love good recipes! I’m going to look Pioneer Woman up right now. The cauliflower soup recipe I printed yesterday after you posted it and it is sitting right here on my coffee table. It will be making an appearance on my menu plan this coming week. (and those cinnamon buns your friend mentioned sound amazing so I’ll be looking for those too 😉 ) Thanks!

  • Jodi

    She has amazing food!! Check out the Tasty Kitchen website too. There is a link at the top of her page. She also has cool giveaways, if you can be lucky enough to win. There is usually 30,000 people that enter!!

    Hope all is well with your pregnancy and I look forward to the return of Kissing Frogs.

    Jodi (Tera’s sister)

  • Elizabeth

    So glad you gave in and looked her up. How can anything be bad when there is a stick of butter in it!

  • suzanne

    hahahahaha!!! This post made me laugh 🙂 And you should look up her baked fudge recipe. It’ll make you wanna jump up and slap yo’ mama.

  • melissa

    hahahahaha! That last comment made me laugh – please don’t make it, I don’t think yo’ mama could handle a fudge-induced slap!

  • Melinda

    if you are at all interested in photography…she is a self taught photographer too….when I first started reading her blog it was 4 years ago and she had about 2800 readers..I’d enter her contests and have a chance at winning…no more tho’…her recipe book is good, but you can get most of it off her site…

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