If You Disagree, Blame NaBloPoMo

So, I have been refraining from posting my thoughts on politics for quite some time, but it’s election day here in the States and it’s NaBloPoMo, meaning I have to post something, so brace yourself, because here is what I’m thinking today:

It’s election day.  It’s the seventh election day since I’ve made my home in these United States, and the first time that I won’t be watching election results, haven’t been following the debates, and frankly just don’t feel like I have a dog in the fight.  I’m so tired of the back and forth rhetoric and the “us vs. them” from both sides.  I can’t vote because I’m not a citizen, and I can’t run for office, for the same reason, but if I could, this would be my campaign speech.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s take the labels off the table.  Don’t throw around titles like “tea partier” or “progressive” as if they mean something.  They don’t.  Neither does ear mark, lobbyist, special interest or career politician.  These are phrases created by illusionists to distract you from the mechanics of the show.  They are smoke and mirrors that mask or deflect the citizen’s eye from the wires and sand bags that operate behind the scenes.

Here is the truth.  Even if every politician and cabinet member were to be vaporized today, very little would change in this country.  The IRS, Social Security Administration, FDA, DEA, Board of Education, National Endowment for the Arts . . . you name it, they’d be open for business as usual first thing tomorrow morning.  The truth of the matter is that our government bureaucracy has become a multi-headed hydra that is slowly devouring us.  Your only choice on election day is this:  will you choose a candidate who will fight the monster, or a candidate who will ride the monster?

Fighting the monster is a difficult, and thankless task.  Most of you depend on the monster for sustenance of some kind.  While we complain that taxes are too high and spending needs to be cut, we never mean to cut off the head of the hydra that cares for us, and that is how the monster grows.  If we are serious about cutting government and changing something in this country, we must stop aiming at those hydra heads that bite us the deepest, or don’t touch us at all, and instead aim our own blows at the head of the monster feeding us.

Teachers must fight the Department of Education.   Farmers must take on agricultural subsidies.  Musicians, painters, and actors have to fight against the Endowment for the Arts, and environmentalists must behead the EPA.  Colleges need to refuse federal student loans, and millions in grants, and corporate entities of all brands and varieties must fight against an immoral tax code so complex that it can only be printed in twenty volumes.  Seniors needed to eviscerate social security and medicare while those of us in the social assistance system must fight our enormous hydra head for our children’s future.    These are only a few examples.  Only by repeatedly and fiercely biting the hydra that feeds us, can we whittle the monster down to a size easily aimed at the rest of the world, as it was originally intended.

Electing me or my opponent won’t change one thing in Washingon DC, unless you’re willing to fight the beast.  In fact, if you want to keep shouting about the beast, while eating at its food trough, I would rather you elected my opponent because you obviously have unrealistic expectations that cannot be met.  But if you want to really fight the beast, I can promise you that under my watch it won’t get bigger, and it won’t grown any more heads.  In the end, that is the only promise any politician can honestly give.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I would never be elected to public office.